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If you already want to start with your work and need us only as a controlling body, the following should be noted when writing your term paper: you often get a rough guide on how the formal structure should look, which literature and how it may be cited. Often, the lecturer even provides a bibliography because it is obligatory. From this you can read the current state of research, research on the subject, and take into account the core messages in the work. Please pay attention to the correct citation, because if you pick up thoughts or statements from another author, they must be mentioned as source and quoted correctly, for example with a footnote. Every scientific work (not only seminar paper, but also in-house, bachelor, or diploma thesis) also needs professional proofreading and proofreading.


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  • cover sheet
  • contents
  • introduction
  • Bulk
  • Closing / Summary
  • List of abbreviations
  • Literature and source list
  • independence declaration


These are important aspects that can greatly affect your grading: the correct width of margins, number of pages per page per page, font and size, line spacing, chapter headings, footnotes. The formatting information is usually given by the chair on which the lecturer of the seminar works. Our ghostwriters create a schedule for the writing process for you, so you keep track and do not run into time trouble.

The quality of your work is based on whether the question is formulated thoroughly, whether the goal or the thesis is verifiable with the applied methods, whether the results make sense. Of course, the author’s own conclusions, his writing style and the information available to him are also part of the scientific work. Therefore, it is important to provide the ghostwriter with all available material for the planned term paper.


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