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Many universities now have similar requirements for the bachelor’s degree, because since the Bologna process at all universities general standards and guiding principles of the Bachelor are sought. If you already have a topic and a scientific supervisor, you can register for a bachelor thesis at the examination office. Since the choice of topics is usually up to you, you can already have a bachelor thesis written for you beforehand. If a ghostwriter helps you choose a topic, you can feel safer. Both finding a topic and writing itself is a serious project that requires you to conduct independent, independent research. That is why it is very important to pay attention to the traceability and verifiability of your research results.


A bachelor thesis is an extensive scientific thesis, which requires at least 30 pages. For some disciplines one writes rather theoretical work, for the other study courses a own project with innovative analysis methods and examination objects is necessary. First of all you need a concept and a plan how to write your bachelor thesis:

  • In which period – how many pages should be produced by when
  • Where do you get the material from and what is being investigated?
  • What problem are you capricious and why?
  • What is the current state of research on this problem?
  • The more questions you have about the topic, the more likely you will find a hypothesis
  • You then formulate a hypothesis when you have read the topic of your bachelor thesis so that you can choose and investigate different assertions
  • Literature analysis and good research is an important part of the work
  • Every work is a plagiarism-free unique


Basically, your work should include a cover page, an outline, introduction, literature review and several chapters and attachments. First, start editing current literature on your topic. If you find the topic search difficult, contact your supervisor or a ghostwriter to help find the topic. Take notes throughout the work process when a source fits one aspect of your bachelor thesis. You can use these later when citing. Attempt to specify the problem when reading through the sources.

From theories and numerous scientific discussions you formulate certain criteria according to which the chapters are constructed. If the work is very empirical, it is best to first select the method by which to perform the study. This may include collecting data, analyzing data, and creating graphics. In any scientific work, be it a home, bachelor or master’s thesis, there must always be a red thread throughout the examination. The content of the text should be easy to read with meaningful, logically constructed sentences that reflect the positions of different scientists. In the final part, usually a summary, then your opinion comes to the series. Above all, you draw interesting conclusions and individual results of your work. Do not forget to refer to the question in the introduction in the summary and to offer answers to it.

As a rule, you will receive information on the formal structure or layout of the work from your professor or from the examination office when registering for the thesis. There is how the title page should look, information on font size, line spacing, citation. You can also ask for a sample work at the university.


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