Essay is part of everyday life in almost all study programs and at first glance this task looks very easy. The student has relatively little to write (compared to house or seminar papers) and often has the opportunity to dispense with sources and methods. But the textual structure of an essay is special and that’s exactly the problem. But a solution is in sight: a professional ghostwriting agency. Our authors create every scientific work for you! So, let us convince you of our professionalism!

An essay is a short scientific work that has to meet certain requirements. In the seminars, students are confronted daily with academic texts and subject areas with which they have to deal. Ie. a topic for an essay usually comes from a text that you read in the seminar. You can also choose your own topic if you want to write about something new. It can also be about scientists, writers, historical figures and events, an object of modernity or the past. If the topic is for you, you can be prepared to write, choose a suitable style of writing and get started, or hire our ghostwriters.


Here are some tips from our ghostwriters. They support you in all questions and help you write your essay. The introduction should be kept fairly short with just ten sentences. Here you immediately describe what it is, the persons, events, texts or theories that you refer to in the essay. Ask yourself the questions: What exactly are you researching in your essay and describing the event or circumstance? It is important to formulate a clear question, even if it can hardly be treated comparatively on so few pages. Despite the scope, the goal should be clear.

The main part is a bit longer, here the story is told, your presentation critically analyzes the point of view of the topic. List pros and cons to your problem. What are the theories and assertions of different authors on specific aspects of your research? Exactly what you are writing in this part. The literature you use for this purpose must be listed in the footnotes and / or given as the source. Note the correct citation. Try to formulate hypotheses with simple words. Clarify terms and foreign terms with simple, German words.

At the end of the main part begins the climax, here the tension is greatest. The red thread of your essay glides through the whole work. Finally, come to the results you came across in the analysis. The final part ends with a final movement and should not exceed about 5% of the total length. The conclusion looks like a conclusion, here you can contribute your opinion. In addition, examine whether an effect of the examined topic on further housework could be extended.


  • Collect ideas from the texts of the seminar or the lecture
  • Decide what idea you want to write about
  • Create a detailed set of ideas and expressions and vocabulary relevant to the topic
  • Think about what your essay should amount to
  • Arrange the ideas according to what belongs in the introduction, the main part and the conclusion
  • Start with the writing process
  • Check the content: Does it have a scientific history? Is there a clear structure?
  • Check the linguistic correctness and spelling


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